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Grow your carer and support worker career at Juniper

What's the best part of your day?

For many of us here at Juniper, the simple answer is the amazing people we call our customers.

Working in aged care means we get to really know people. We get to know their life story, their wants and needs. We get to put smiles on faces and be the colour in someone’s day. It’s a wonderful feeling.

Making a difference in another’s life is a job with meaning. At Juniper that is put that together with a team who you can connect with; trust in their skills and dedication and know they are driven by our shared Juniper values of Welcome, Respect, Compassion, Hope and Courage. That’s a special workplace.

We want Juniper to be a place you can grow your carer or support worker career in a way that works for you. Tell us where you want to go in your aged care career so we can provide a pathway to allow you to get there.

Career pathways: What are your options?

We value the skills and passion our support workers and carers bring. In return, we can offer different experiences across all parts of Aged Care in different locations across Western Australia if this is something you desire. We want to offer flexibility. Life changes – you might want to study, need to care for family, need more hours – that’s why we offer a variety of casual, part-time and full-time roles. As a carer or support worker you already have such valuable skills and experience. These can be drawn from and built on to springboard your career into all sorts of roles across Juniper, like:

Home and Community Care

as a Community Support Worker, Care Lead, Community Support and Resource Team Leader.

Residential Aged Care

as a Multiskilled Carer, Supervisor, Lifestyle Coordinator.

Therapy and Clinical

With additional training and development, we have had many staff move into Therapy Assistant roles or clinical roles such as Nursing, Physiotherapy or Occupational Therapy.

Corporate Services

working in Human Resources, Recruitment, Marketing, Payroll, Health and Safety, Quality and Risk, Procurement and Administration.

For something completely different, Juniper has opportunities in:

Hospitality Services as a chef or cook or Pastoral Care as a Pastoral Care Coordinator.

“I know that when I get home at night, I feel so rewarded for the work I do each day. It’s really empowering to be able to support clients to stay at home for longer. I love that I get to help someone live their best life and be the best that they can be in their own home and community.”

Juniper Community Support Worker

“I love being able to help people and show that kindness to people in a loving way and give them the respect they deserve…I love Juniper – they listen to their carers and they’re so supportive…I’m just really thankful that I got to become a carer at Juniper.”

Juniper Multiskilled Carer

“The best thing that we can do to support our elderly people here in Kununurra is to keep them in their community. It is where they are happy, being surrounded by their family. In India, it’s a cultural belief that we look after older people in our family. Here at the Juniper Kununurra Day Centre, they (the customers) call me ‘Ja Ja’ which means ‘grandaughter’ in their language. For me personally, Juniper has really helped me and my family.”

Juniper Client Care Advisor, Kununurra

“When I joined Juniper in 2005, I was a carer and I really enjoyed it. I built connections with the residents and their families and I really loved the job. But I always wanted to study nursing, and Juniper was very supportive. I worked nightshift, which gave me the flexibility to study and finish my degree. I am now doing the Transition to Practice Program. It’s been really wonderful to join this program…”

Juniper Registered Nurse, former carer

“I’ve really been able to use my skills and experience as a support worker and in aged care to properly understand what our support workers do on the ground. I apply that knowledge to the case management side to better understand what supports clients require.”

Juniper Client Care Advisor


Learning and Development opportunities: How Juniper can support you to grow your support worker and carer career

We want you to make the most out of your career with us, whatever that looks like for you. If you are looking to build on your skills and move to other areas in Juniper, we can help. We offer support with:

  • Financial Assistance for study: Get your relevant study fully or partially paid for by Juniper
  • Flexible hours so you have time to further your qualifications
  • Letting you know about opportunities for internal promotion
  • Roving workforce to grow your experience in multiple locations