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Our Purpose

We want to keep you connected to the things you’ve always lived for. We strive to empower you to keep enjoying life in older age through our commitment to understanding what you value and then applying that to all aspects of our service. We want to keep you connected to your roots by celebrating and embracing the local communities and cultures we work in. We respect you as a human being, consistently delivering quality care always with compassion and kindness.

Our Vision

A life well lived.

Our Mission

To provide excellent care, accommodation and support services to older Western Australians.

Our Values

Welcome – We are kind and caring.

We are gracious to one another, fostering connection among all who are involved in Juniper, while respecting independence and choice.

Respect – We put people first.

At Juniper, we believe every person matters and will be treated with respect, compassion, and dignity.

Compassion – We listen to understand.

We listen first, making sure people are comfortable sharing all feedback and know they have a voice that is heard, understood and responded to.

Hope – We make the most of life.

We support people to get the best out of each day, individually and as a community.

Courage – We pursue excellence

We are bold in our creative thinking, agile in our response to change and strive for excellence in all we do.


At Juniper, we recognise the importance of acknowledging and addressing the historical and ongoing injustices faced by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, and we are dedicated to playing an active role in the reconciliation process. Our commitment to reconciliation and cultural safety is deeply rooted in our values of respect, compassion and courage. We understand that cultural safety is crucial in providing quality care and services. It requires us to understand and respect the cultural beliefs, practices, and needs of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

By prioritising cultural safety, we can ensure that our services are responsive, inclusive, and respectful of the diverse cultural backgrounds of our employees and the older people we support. Juniper is proud to feature the artwork of Ena Graham, a proud young Gooniyandi and Wongi woman on our Reconciliation Action Plan. Titled “Coming Together,” this painting symbolises the unity of all people from different language groups, embarking on the journey of life.

Drawing inspiration from her culture and upbringing in Moongardie Community, Ena expresses her stories through painting on local boab nuts and canvas. Ena comes from a family of artists, with her Great Grandmother Dora Cox and Grandmother Elizabeth Gilligan, both Gooniyandi women from Moongardie, and her Grandfather Dwayne Graham Senior, a Wongi man, all possessing incredible artistic talents.

Juniper Reconciliation Action Plan