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Keep Being You

At Juniper we are all about individualised care keeping customers connected to the people, passions and places they’ve always loved.

Here’s who we are and how we empower our customers to keep being themselves.


At Juniper we are proud to be one of Western Australia’s biggest non-profit, local aged care providers, championing individualised care that keeps our customers connected to the people, passions and places they’ve always loved.  

We want to empower all older Western Australians to hold onto their independence and identity as they journey into old age, supporting them to take pleasure in a life well lived. We do this through our commitment to exceptional care, accommodation and support services in Home and Community Care, Residential Aged Care, Transition Care and Retirement Living communities. 

Our roots extend back to 1949, when we opened our doors in Mt Lawley to 12 older women widowed by the second World War. Today, we remain local through-and-through, dedicated to the changing needs of Western Australians. That’s why we’re located right across the state, from remote areas of the Kimberley, in the Mid West, across the Wheatbelt, through the Great Southern and within Perth and the Peel region.  

Our services allow older Western Australians to continue living close to family and friends and within the communities they love. We understand the importance of community and culture – which is why we put it at the heart of everything we do. 

We are a community of carers that live by our values of welcome, respect, compassion, hope and courage. We’re your partners in helping you keep the unique bits of who you are, and we do this through expertise, compassion and kindness every step of the way.  

What do we believe?

We believe every person has the right to quality aged care services.

We’re an aged care provider, but we don’t think age should define you. You define you.

We believe getting older doesn’t mean you should stop doing what you love or stop being who you are. At Juniper, we keep you connected to the people, passions and places that have always brought you joy.

From doing hobbies that light up your soul to being able to spend time with loved ones, we’re here to support you, with care that’s entirely unique to you.