About Juniper

Juniper is a leading provider of care, accommodation and support services for older Western Australians.

We are a values driven, community benefit organisation that excels in social enterprise for the benefit of all people. Our response to increasing need encompasses a strong presence throughout metropolitan Perth and in the Kimberley, Mid-West, Wheatbelt, South West and Great Southern regions, giving us one of the largest care footprints in Australia.

Our Mission

We believe in celebrating life, and strive to add value to the communities in which we operate, where our staff and volunteers work to deliver our Vision and Mission.

Our Vision

A good life for all our people.

Our Mission

To enhance the independence, spiritual fulfilment and enjoyment of life of older people through care, accommodation and support services.

Our Core Values

Welcome is being warm, friendly, gracious, empathetic to all, and open to new ideas.

Respect is valuing people for their uniqueness and being just and honest in our dealings.
Compassion is caring for others and responding to need using the highest standards to provide comfort and enable healing.
Hope is looking forward with confidence and expectation.

Our Guiding Principles

Juniper has a set of Guiding Principles which provide us with direction in achieving our Vision and Mission:

  • We respect each person’s physical, spiritual, emotional and social needs.
  • We empower each person to exercise choice and control over their lives.
  • We strive to enhance personal freedom and independent functioning.
  • We provide care services based on holistic needs assessment.
  • We encourage people to develop their spirituality.
  • We encourage people to engage with community to counter social isolation.
  • We respect each person’s right to die with dignity and in peace.

Our Name

‘Juniper’ celebrates our past and inspires our future

Juniper is a hardy plant known for centuries for its medicinal properties. It has deep cultural and biblical connections the world over, and is synonymous with shelter and spiritual sustenance.

The juniper herb has great medicinal value, and has been used since ancient times to fight disease, relieve anxiety and provide effective protection against infection and inflammation.

The Judean Broom bush is believed to be the plant usually called juniper in the Bible, where it is said the prophet Elijah sheltered under the tree during a period of pursuit, and an apocryphal tale tells how it protected infant Jesus and his parents from King Herod’s soldiers, during their flight into Egypt.

It is the plant’s qualities of shelter, protection, sustenance and strength that are reflected in our name as we look confidently to the future, and strive to provide a good life for all our people.