Zuess spreading love one paw at a time - Juniper
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Zuess spreading love one paw at a time

When Linda’s grandmother moved into Juniper Annesley Residential Aged Care Home, Linda knew her four-year-old Labrador, Zuess, would bring endless happiness and comfort to the residents. With twelve years of experience as a dog trainer, Linda expertly prepared Zuess to be an assistance dog, ready to brighten lives.

“Volunteering has always been important to our family. When my grandmother moved to Juniper Annesley, my daughter Tama was so eager to help. We live in the hills and love making the drive down. It’s heartwarming to see how much joy Zuess brings to the residents during our visits,” said Linda.

Zuess earned his Public Access accreditation, making him an officially recognised assistance dog, allowing him to accompany them in various public settings. Zuess was extensively trained from a young age with both Linda and Kaizen K9 to handle various environments and situations, and when he puts on his uniform, it’s time to bring joy to the residents.

“His gentle nature and love for pats have made him a favourite among both staff and residents. One resident, who doesn’t speak English, communicates with Zuess by singing in Russian.”

Zuess offers more than just companionship to the residents of Juniper Annesley. He brings joy, reduces loneliness, and provides a sense of normalcy.

“Seeing the smiles Zuess brings to the residents’ faces is so rewarding. The connections he makes with the residents, even those who don’t speak English, are truly special.”

Zuess is not just a service dog; he is a beloved member of Linda’s family and is now part of Juniper’s family. His visits to Juniper Annesley remind us that sometimes, the smallest gestures—like patting a dog—can bring the greatest comfort.

“Zuess’s visits to Juniper Annesley bring us all closer together, and we’re grateful for the opportunity to share his love and companionship with the residents.”