Volunteer Fred brightens days at Waratah - Juniper
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Volunteer Fred brightens days at Waratah

Fred was a regular visitor to Juniper Waratah Lodge in Wagin when his wife Marie was a resident. After she passed away, Fred, who had become close with the Waratah residents and staff, decided to keep visiting and is now one of the home’s most loved and frequent volunteers.

“After Marie passed I kept coming here to annoy them and help,” Fred jokes.

“I volunteer three times a week here at Waratah. On Mondays we do a walk with residents around town. Some residents are walking, some with walkers and some on gophers.

“Tuesday we do singing and on Wednesday we do Bingo. I think of myself as the rouseabout here.”

Fred (pictured standing) is one of Waratah Lodges’ treasured volunteers.

At 87 years old Fred is full of energy and always ready for a chat or to take part in the activities with residents.

A local of Wagin for 12 years, Fred was an electrician before he moved to Woodanilling to set up an orchard with fruit trees of “every description”.

Fred is one of several volunteers and community members that visit Waratah, making the home a special place connected in every way to the local community.