Trishaw rides bring joy - Juniper

Trishaw rides bring joy

For almost five years, Juniper Hilltop residents have been experiencing boundless joy and a renewed sense of adventure through coastal trishaw rides, thanks to Motion by the Ocean Inc.

Although they were temporarily paused during the challenging COVID-19 restrictions, we are thrilled to announce that they have now resumed, reigniting delight among all residents.

The trishaw rides start from Sorrento Beach, where residents can enjoy the beautiful ocean views and feel the refreshing sea breeze on their faces. Robin Pitman, one delighted resident, exclaimed, “I love being able to see the sea, and the water is absolutely lovely. It’s a truly peaceful experience.”

Amidst these adventures, residents can engage with the local community and encounter friendly four-legged companions, which adds an extra layer of joy and a sense of belonging. Lee Edwards, filled with gratitude, shared her appreciation for these encounters, “I absolutely love having a cup of coffee near the ocean after the ride and patting all the dogs on their walk.”

For Joan Edward, the trishaw rides hold a special place in her heart, as she reminisced, “Feeling the sand between my toes again is amazing.”

The residents and staff of Hilltop are immensely grateful to Motion by the Ocean Inc. for the invaluable experiences they provide. The trishaw rides have become an integral part of our community, fostering a sense of freedom, connection, and profound appreciation for the natural wonders that surround us.