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Volunteer Stories – Meet Rosemary

Rosemary started her volunteer work at Juniper in 2017 and now visits Juniper Hayloft, a residential aged care home in Martin, bringing the joy of singing to residents.

A retired teacher, Rosemary, started a weekly singing group when she learned about the positive effects music can have on older people.

“The hourly sing-along always uplifts the spirits of the residents. There are lots of smiles around the room, so you know everyone had a good time,” said Rosemary.

“It’s not all about the singing. Attending the singing group can also provide residents with a sense of belonging and connection.”

“I spend time looking for hymns and old-time favourites that residents are familiar with, and I compile them into sing-a-long books for the residents to use.”

“It allows the residents to reminisce – they all enjoy it.”

Music is a powerful tool. Research shows that listening to music or being involved in musical activities can help with memory function, mood and overall wellbeing.

Rosemary is also there to listen to anyone who wants to talk.

“I will have a one-on-one chat with residents. They reminisce about their past, tell me their interests and share family stories. They all have lived meaningful and inspiring lives – I love hearing about them because I learn a lot from them.”

Rosemary is ready to play board games or facilitate an activity a particular resident enjoys.

“People often tell me that I must make a difference in the lives of others by volunteering in aged care, but I point out that I get much more from it. Residents, their devoted spouses and children are inspiring. If you want to learn about courage, resilience and love, you should volunteer in aged care.”

To all our valuable volunteers like Rosemary – thank you!

Become a Volunteer

There are many ways to volunteer with Juniper. Whether you’re a good listener, arts and crafts guru or a talented musician, your unique skills could make a huge difference in the lives of others. To learn more about how you can get involved, visit our Volunteer Page or get in touch with us on 9240 0313 and speak with our Volunteer Coordinator.