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Randeep follows care passion

Three years spent caring for a family member ignited Randeep’s passion for caring for others leading her first into support work, and now as a Client Care Advisor supporting Juniper’s Home Care clients to live life well in their own homes.

“I came to Australia 10 years ago with a Bachelor of Commerce and Masters in Human Resources and worked as an administrator in Sydney. I was then the primary carer for a family member for three years,” Randeep said.

“As a carer I came across many other people who were struggling in their lives. I listen to their stories and was always thinking there must be a way to overcome their problems.”

Randeep and her family moved to Perth and when looking at re-joining the workforce, her husband encouraged her to become a carer.

Randeep completed her Certificate III, working as a disability support worker and carer in residential aged care. After being attracted to case management, she achieved a Diploma in Community Services and applied for a job with Juniper.

“I’ve really been able to use my skills and experience as a support worker and in aged care to properly understand what our support workers do on the ground. I apply that knowledge to the case management side to better understand what supports clients require,” she said.

Client Care Advisors develop, monitor and review care plans in consultation with the client and their family and clinical team to empower clients to continue living independently in their own homes.

“I approach case management with looking at all over care for a client, not just one aspect. That means talking with the client, having a conversation with family, perhaps speaking to their GP or social worker to get a full picture,” Randeep said.

“My favourite part of the job is meeting clients face-to-face. A phone conversation just isn’t the same as you can build a better relationship and observe someone in their own home.”

Those conversations in person are fulfilling for Randeep but also meaningful in looking after her client’s wellbeing.

“I also love hearing client’s stories, their memories. It’s really important to understand someone’s history so we can ensure personalised support. For example, if a client has worked and loved spending time outside, we can make sure support services are tailored so they can spend time outside and in nature where they love to be.

“I enjoy developing deep connections with my clients and their family members. Seeing a smile on my clients’ faces motivates me. Being able to care for them gives me a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.

“Joining Juniper was the best decision I could have made because I feel the same sense in other employees who are caring and supporting their clients for many years.”