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Natasha finds sense of belonging in Northam

“As a child, I always loved sitting on the floor in front of my great grandparents listening to their life stories and adventures, so I believe that is where my passion for aged care started,” recalls Juniper Client Care Advisor Natasha Southgate.

This year, Natasha will celebrate her 10th year working at Juniper.

Having moved to Northam from Perth in 2013, Natasha joined Juniper’s Home and Community Care team based out of Northam in November that year as a Community Support Worker.

“Before moving I had worked in Perth as a support worker with another aged care provider.So, moving to Northam, I knew it was something I wanted to keep doing. And since joining Juniper as a Community Support Worker, I haven’t looked back,” Natasha said.

Building many connections with older people residing in the Northam community, Natasha has found the most rewarding aspect being able to support clients to live independently in their own home.

“I enjoyed the role because I knew I was helping people who could not do these jobs on their own,” she said.

“It made my heart full knowing I have helped support them in their own homes.

“And the stories about history and love tales that people shared with me was just magical.”

In October 2022, Natasha had the opportunity with Juniper to progress her career as a Client Care Advisor, where she would be the conduit between the client and their support workers and ensure services were being met as part of their individual Home Care Packages.

“I love that I can help the client’s more by advocating for them on what they need done in regards to their age and health,” Natasha said.

While the work itself is rewarding, Natasha added that having a supportive, understanding team around her is part of the reason why she stayed at Juniper.

“Juniper is such a caring organisation that supports your growth in the industry as well as supporting your family life and understanding obstacles that occur,” she said.

“I am so proud of the Northam community team and I love working with them all.”