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Marking 74 years: Allan’s journey with Juniper

As Juniper celebrates 74 years of supporting its customers to have a life well lived, residents like Allan Baird are a reminder of the values that have defined Juniper’s journey as being one of Western Australia’s biggest local aged care providers.

Born in Fremantle, Allan moved schools 21 times in 21 years with his father, teaching him to adapt and embrace new beginnings from a very early age. Allan worked as a school caretaker all over Western Australia and England, making sure schools were safe and welcoming for children.

This year Allan turned 74, and he feels privileged to have been born in the same year as his “second family”.

“I moved into Juniper City of Bayswater Residential Aged Care Home three years ago, and I love where I live. The food is great, the staff takes amazing care of me, and my favourite part is that I am living with a group of friends,” said Allan.

“My family always come to visit me, but now I feel like I have two families, my family and everyone at Juniper. Everyone is so lovely here, and I especially love Monday bingo days! That is something that hasn’t changed over the last 74 years – bingo!” added Allan.

“I moved into Juniper City of Bayswater Residential Aged Care Home three years ago, and I love where I live.” Allan Baird, Juniper City of Bayswater resident.

Reflecting on the most significant change in his 74 years, Allan points to technology.

“Luckily for me, I have Netflix and the internet here. I used to have to go to the cinema, and now I have my TV set up in my bedroom so I can watch movies whenever I want. I also always watch Home and Away – I am as old as some of the people in the show!” he said.

To celebrate his 74th birthday, Allan enjoyed a special family meal at Juniper City of Bayswater.

“There’s so many nice rooms here for my family to come and sit in when they visit. On special occasions, we all share a meal in one of the lounge rooms, and it reminds me of being back home. Everyone is always so welcoming to my family,” he said.

As Juniper celebrates 74 years, we wish Allan Baird a very happy 74 years and to many more to come!