Kasey Chambers surprises Guwardi Ngadu residents - Juniper

Kasey Chambers surprises Guwardi Ngadu residents

Residents at Juniper Guwardi Ngadu Residential Aged Care home, Fitzroy Crossing were in for a heartwarming surprise during the two-day 2023 Yajilarra Festival. Australian country music legend Kasey Chambers, who was in town for the festival, made an impromptu visit to Guwardi Ngadu, treating the residents to an exclusive and unforgettable private concert.

Guwardi Ngadu residents received a special invitation to attend the two-day Yajilarra Festival, renowned for its reverent observance of traditional Bunuba dreamtime stories. The festival showcased performances by talented Bunuba artists and Theatre Kimberley performers.

During the festival’s first night, Belinda Storer, Residential Manager, invited Kasey Chambers to visit Guwardi Ngadu. The following day, she was there accompanied by Alan Pigram from the Pigram Brothers. The two gifted musicians set the stage for an intimate and inspiring concert, playing half a dozen songs that resonated deeply with the audience.

Later that evening, Kasey Chambers took to the Yajilarra Festival stage, where she dedicated a heartwarming song to the residents of Guwardi Ngadu. The moment was nothing short of magical, and the residents were overwhelmed with gratitude.

“I have never been so excited for them; I can’t even express it in words, but seeing the smile and joy on their faces was huge,” said Belinda Storer.

“The emotional connection with song and dance brings back so many memories for our residents. They were in tears; it inspired them to get up and tell their stories.”

The impact of this surprise performance went far beyond the stage. Even days after the event, the Guwardi Ngadu residents were still buzzing with excitement, reminiscing about the unforgettable experience. Some residents even went out of their way to show their appreciation, handcrafting special gifts such as boab nuts and table runners for Kasey Chambers and Alan Pigram.

The event not only showcased the power of music to unite people across generations but also highlighted the importance of celebrating indigenous cultural traditions.

The Juniper community extends their heartfelt gratitude to Kasey Chambers, Alan Pigram, and all the artists who participated in the Yajilarra Festival. Their visit will forever be etched in the hearts of the residents, serving as a shining example of the positive impact of music and cultural exchange.