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Juniper’s Angie Slater talks all things reablement!

Our very clever and talented Juniper Director of Home Care and Retirement Living, Angie Slater, featured as a guest on an episode of Reablement Conversations with Hilary O’Connell.

An advocate for reablement, Angie is an international expert on the topic, authoring the ACNA RAC Reablement Education program, which was independently evaluated and received glowing reviews.

She brought her passion for reablement to Juniper in 2021: “A decade ago, the thought was the more you do for people the longer they can stay at home. The evidence now suggests the opposite. ‘Doing for’ means we are taking away from someone so support needs to be approached with a very different mindset,” Angie said.

“Reablement is about time-limited, targeted interventions to achieve a goal, but it is also about thinking about how we can adapt the support to empower a client to continue to enjoy a meaningful quality of life”.

Angie said it was critical to put in place the correct supports, with the Juniper team partnering with clients and their carers to understand their journey so supports are planned, less reactive and don’t allow a client to reach crisis point.

On the podcast, Angie and Hilary discuss how reablement assists older people’s physical, mental, and social health and wellbeing, and how this model is working with each individual client to support their individual goals.

“You have to really understand what is motivating and meaningful to someone. To be able to see what people’s short-term goals and aspirations may be. What is stopping them from achieving them currently?

“I think the biggest thing about this approach is that it’s incredibly empowering for older people. It put choice and control in their hands.”

Hilary and Angie also talk about how reablement can help people reduce the fear of falling, build their confidence and reclaim their independence, control, and quality of life.

You can listen to the full episode here:

Well done Angie, we’re proud to have you leading our Home Care and Retirement Living team!