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Juniper launches ‘Innovate’ RAP

Juniper is proud to launch its ‘Innovate’ Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP), as part of its ongoing commitment to fostering a culture of reconciliation and inclusion within the organisation.

The Innovative RAP was launched on Tuesday, August 8, 2023, with a traditional Welcome to Country and Smoking Ceremony by Aboriginal Elders, Uncle Charlie Kickett, pictured below, and Auntie Helen Kickett.

Representing an ambitious and forward-thinking approach to reconciliation, the Innovate RAP goes beyond the traditional framework of recognition and respect and seeks to actively create opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples to participate, contribute, and thrive within Juniper.

Juniper Chief Executive Officer Russell Bricknell said Juniper’s commitment to reconciliation and cultural safety is deeply rooted in Juniper values of respect, compassion, and courage.

“We understand that cultural safety is crucial in providing quality care and services. It requires us to understand and respect the cultural beliefs, practices, and needs of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples,” said Mr Bricknell.

“By prioritising cultural safety, we can ensure that our services are responsive, inclusive, and respectful of the diverse cultural backgrounds of our employees and the older people we support.”

Juniper is committed to building meaningful relationships with local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and organisations, listening to their voices, and actively involving them in the development and implementation of our reconciliation initiatives.

“Together, we can make a tangible difference, not only within our organisation but also in the lives of those we serve. Let us seize this opportunity to build bridges, foster understanding, and create a future where reconciliation, cultural safety, and inclusivity are the foundation of our society,” Mr Bricknell said.

Juniper’s reconciliation vision is that the aspiration of Australia’s First Nation Peoples as expressed in the Uluru Statement from the Heart, is understood, appreciated, and supported across the organisation.

Inspired by this vision, Juniper will pursue the following:

  • Engage and partner with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander leaders, organisations, communities, and families in a relationship that acknowledges their primary leadership and authority in working with their communities.
  • Be an organisation where people are committed to achieving the best possible outcomes by working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples.

Juniper had the privilege of commissioning artwork by Ena Graham, a proud young Gooniyandi and Wongi woman, pictured below with her artwork, for the RAP.

Titled “Coming Together”, the artwork captures the essence of diverse individuals from various language groups converging on a shared life journey and portrays the birth of something extraordinary as people unite, with the river symbolizing a source of healing for all. The brown swirls incorporated in the artwork represent this transformative aspect.

With the launch of the Innovate RAP, Juniper embarks on a transformative journey of unity, respect, and inclusion.

This initiative stands as a testament to Juniper’s unwavering commitment to shaping a future where diverse cultures are embraced, and inclusivity thrives.

Read Juniper’s Innovate RAP here.