John Bryant residents 'have a ball' in Olympics event - Juniper

John Bryant residents ‘have a ball’ in Olympics event

Ready, set, throw! 

Residents at our Juniper John Bryant Home had a ball taking part in throwing, passing and tossing activities as part of a fun, albeit competitive, Olympics-style event.   

Touted the ‘John Bryant Olympics Games’, the idea came from Juniper Therapy Assistant Lyn Vine, who worked with Occupational Therapist Rochelle Stals to come up with an engaging and interactive way for residents to get moving but also work together as a team. 

Split into two teams of five, the residents worked their way through four activities including ball pass, beanbag toss, disc throw and a ‘shoulder throw’ using paper planes.  

Lyn, who has worked at Juniper for the past 18 years moving between locations at Chrystal Halliday, Elimatta and now John Bryant, said it was great to see the residents’ eagerness to participate.   

“I love seeing our residents smiling and laughing, and seeing them participate in activities like this is just marvellous,” Lyn said. 

“It’s such a great activity as it’s easy to set up and it’s very inclusive, even for residents who may be limited by their mobility.” 

Rochelle said activities like were great for the residents’ mobility, cognition, coordination and dexterity.  

“This kind of activity is great for our residents to showcase calculation and reading skills, as well as their visual perception and fine and gross motor skills,” Rochelle said.  

“It’s a great social event where our residents can get together, have fun and connect.” 

The activity was supported by staff and nursing students from Notre Dame, who encouraged residents to get into the team spirit.  


Staff also got in on the fun, wrapping up the event with a caterpillar race using balloons wedged between one another and balloon volleyball.   

The John Bryant Olympic Games is among regular lifestyle activities that are planned for our residents which not only encourage movement but also provides an opportunity to come together in a fun, interactive environment.