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Jeff’s homegrown goodness nourishes Korumup 

The winter crop of cauliflower, broccoli and beetroot are in at Korumup Residential Aged Care Home as resident Jeff Cronin brings his green thumb to provide the home’s chefs and staff with his vegetable bounty. 

Jeff, along with fellow resident Eddie, have taken charge and rejuvenated the vegetable garden at Korumup. After a successful summer crop, they are now tending to their winter crop. 

Jeff Cronin with some of his crop at Korumup.

“I had a huge vegetable garden at home in Albany. It was something I missed from home, so looking after the vegetable garden here is maintaining an interest I always had,” Jeff said. 

“I saw there were these great raised beds that weren’t really being tended to so I asked Residential Manager Merinda if I could get stuck into them. Merinda said knock yourself out, so I did!” Jeff said. 

Jeff gifts his fresh produce to the Juniper chefs at the on-site kitchen so all the residents can benefit, as well as giving bundles of whatever the staff want from his crop. 

A physical education and science teacher, Jeff also ran a café in West Perth so he well knows the importance of fresh herbs and vegetables. 

Jeff started calling Korumup home 18 months ago. “I like it here and the staff are just fabulous,” he said.