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How OT changed Lorna’s life for the better

As someone who has been active for most of her life, Lorna de Souza was at a loss when she began experiencing hip pain, which was holding her back from doing her usual day-to-day activities.

At 87, Lorna has spent the past 23 years living at her family home in Greenwood and loves keeping active and staying connected in her local community.

A keen gardener who often likes to potter around her yard, Lorna was finding it more difficult to do the things she enjoyed because of ongoing pain.

Seeing how much pain Lorna was in, daughter-in-law Alison de Souza stepped in to help and encouraged her to see her local GP, who referred her to an Occupational Therapist (OT).

Alison and Lorna chose Juniper as the Home Care provider, and it wasn’t long before Alison and Lorna heard from Rebecca Moore, an OT within Juniper’s in-house Allied Health team, who came out to Lorna’s home to assess how she could help.

“Rebecca understood what we needed in the short time frame we saw her,” Alison said.

Following a thorough assessment, Rebecca put the source of Lorna’s hip pain down to her daily struggles to get in and out of bed.

“She told us that the bed was too high, and that was what was causing her hip pain,” Alison said.

After recommending that she replace her bed, Lorna was amazed at how soon her hip pain had subsided after she invested in an adjustable remote-controlled bed that could help her in get in and out of bed with ease.

Rebecca also suggested other assistive aids for Lorna including a handy hook, an anti-fall watch which alerts family members of Lorna has had a fall and a handy bar to help her get in and out of her car more easily.

Both Alison and Lorna are immensely grateful for Rebecca’s support.

“Rebecca went above and beyond in assisting us with the equipment that we could be provided with and keeping us informed all the way through and updated us every step of the way,” Alison said.

“Rebecca was so professional patient understanding kind and treated my mother-in-law with great respect for her needs.”