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Harmony Week at Juniper: celebrating cultural diversity

Did you know that over 70% of our incredible team comes from diverse backgrounds across the globe?

Interestingly, the top five countries where our Juniper staff were born are India, Philipines, Bhutam, Nepal and the United Kingdom.

From sharing traditional dishes to donning cultural attire, we treasure the opportunity to celebrate diversity across Juniper with our customers!

During Harmony Week, we invited some amazing staff members to share fascinating facts about their culture!

Check out some interesting cultural facts below!

“Chinese people calculate their age differently. They believe that when you are born, you are already one years old, then after the Chinese New Year, you add another year!”

– Jade Chin, from Christmas Island

“In my culture, we celebrate Tihar (Diwali), Dasain (Dussehra) and Teej. Dasain is a festival celebrating victory over evil. Tihar symbolises victory of light over darkness.”

– Prem Dhungyel, from Bhutan.

“We usually say ‘kamusta ka’ which means ‘how are you?’”

– Jean De Ocampo, from the Philipines


“India is a diverse country with varied states, cultures, religions, languages, and cuisine, and it should not be reduced to poverty and complexion stereotypes portrayed in Hollywood movies.”

– Kanchan Sharma, from Punjab India