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Greta’s dedication to compassionate care

As Juniper celebrates its 75th birthday this year, we’re honoured to share a touching story that reflects the heart and soul of our legacy of compassion and care. Meet Greta Vincent, a devoted Juniper Volunteer who is also turning 75 this year.

With extensive nursing experience across Western Australia, Greta has left an indelible mark on numerous lives through her genuine dedication to spreading kindness.

Greta joined Juniper The Residency Residential Aged Care Home in Northam in 2010. As an Enrolled Nurse, she made it her mission to ensure that everyone felt valued and heard. But life took an unexpected turn when faced the difficult decision of stepping away from her nursing role to become a full-time caregiver for her parents.

Balancing the emotional toll of caregiving while being there for her parents was challenging, but it was during this period that Greta’s appreciation for the importance of companionship and connection developed. Greta recognised the crucial role that volunteers play in uplifting those in need, and returned to Juniper, this time as a volunteer herself.

“Ensuring each person had meaningful one-on-one interactions became my top priority. I wanted to bring joy and fulfilment to their lives,” Greta said.

Although Greta cherished her time as an Enrolled Nurse, she felt constrained by the demands of clinical duties, which often left little room for the personal connections she treasured. Returning as a volunteer allowed her to prioritise quality time and companionship, particularly for those most in need.

“It’s all about quality. Every individual deserves dignity and meaning in their final journey. As a volunteer, I can devote myself entirely to this cause.”

Through her compassionate listening and genuine empathy, Greta created a nurturing environment where residents felt truly seen and understood.

“Listening is key. I want each person I meet to feel valued and validated. That’s my purpose, and I’ll continue to fulfil it for as long as I can.”

As the world comes together to celebrate Random Acts of Kindness Day, Greta’s story is a reminder of the incredible impact that compassion can have. Her dedication to spreading warmth and kindness serves as a powerful reminder of the profound effect of simple acts of kindness.