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Geraldton locals enhancing lives at residential aged care home

Geraldton locals have generously donated to Juniper Hillcrest Residential Aged Care Home to help fund the construction of a much-needed garage for their bus. John and Nola Patience donated a heart-warming $14,000, and other locals anonymously donated thousands to ensure residents can continue to enjoy enriching outings and activities.

The significance of John and Nola Patience’s donation comes from the couple’s personal connection to the home. Both John and Nola’s mothers were residents at Juniper Hillcrest, and they have nothing but praise for the exceptional care provided by the staff.

“Staff at Juniper Hillcrest care for the residents as if they were their own parents. For example, with Mum, they would go in every morning and say good morning and give her a hug. Mum always felt so loved and appreciated, and that was so important,” Nola said.

The level of care and compassion exhibited by the staff left a lasting impression on the Patience family, prompting Nola to encourage others to consider the home for their loved ones’ care.

“I tell everyone to go to Juniper Hillcrest, it’s the only place to go. I have told the Residential Manager to hold a place for us,” Nola added.

The Patience couple previously donated $10,000 towards the home’s bus. Their contribution has allowed residents to enjoy regular outings and drives, enriching their lives and creating cherished memories.

“With Geraldton being right on the ocean, everything is prone to rusting. This garage will keep the bus in good condition, so residents can continue to use it and enjoy their life,” Nola said.

In recognition of their incredible support, Juniper Hillcrest has paid tribute by naming the bus after Nola, while the newly built garage will be named after John.

“John and Nola have always been very supportive; and with the help of all our generous donors and the local community, they have helped create many more happy memories and experiences for our residents,” Residential Manager Beth Thompson said.

Juniper Hillcrest and its residents extend their sincerest gratitude to the Geraldton community for their remarkable generosity, ensuring that residents continue to get the best out of each day, individually and as a community.