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Former nurses share collective experience spanning more than 150 years

According to numerology, six represents unconditional love and the ability to support, nurture and heal and is a powerful force of compassion and empathy.

It’s somewhat symbolic then that currently residing at Juniper Hillcrest are six former nurses, each of them boasting incredible careers that span two continents.

As we gear up to celebrate International Nurses Day on Sunday, May 12, we wanted to share a snapshot of the incredible nursing careers and indeliable legacy left behind by these amazing women!

Judy Hogue, Mair Newman, Tania Matthews, Rose King, Leah Lucas and Barbara Allen collectively share more than 150 years’ experience in nursing…and we can only imagine the conversations they must have over morning tea!

  • Judy Hogue – Judy trained with the Darwin Commonwealth Scheme before working at St John of God Hospital
  • Mair Newman – Mair trained at the Royal Free Hospital, London before moving to Australia and has 56 years’ continuous service under her belt
  • Tania Matthews – Tania trained at St Georges Hospital, Hyde Park, London
  • Rose King – Rose trained and worked at the Geraldton Regional Hospital for six years, Fremantle hospital for 16 years and then Geraldton nursing home for another 16 years;
  • Leah Lucas – Leah trained at the Northam hospital, then Victoria District hospital in Geraldton;
  • Barbara Allen – Barbara also worked in Geraldton for 40 years where she ran the blood bank for 26 years and fundraised for the infant health centre.

Thank you ladies, for all your years of service.

We will be celebrating your incredible careers and achievements on International Nurses Day! 🙌

Pictured from left to right are Judy, Mair, Tania, Rose, Leah and Barbara.