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Empowering excellence in Juniper wound care

Did you know wound care is among the top ailments that our Juniper nurses treat our customers for?

That’s why Juniper gets one of the best – Curtin University Lecturer in the School of Nursing, Dr Sharon Maclean, who also happens to be our very own Registered Nurse at Juniper Riverslea Registered Nurse – to carry out monthly training for all our Juniper nurses.

The refresher course means our Juniper nurses can bring the most up-to-date wound care to our customers in their own homes or in one of our Residential Aged Care Homes, and our nurses receive fantastic professional development.

The full-day training session not only covers what many of the nurses had learned about wound care during their studies, but it also challenges the way they think about wounds and also connects them with other nurses working across Juniper, whom they can also learn new ideas from.

Dr Maclean, pictured here conducting her wound session at our Juniper Central office in Balcatta, has been a Registered Nurse for 30 years, half of which she has spent working with hospital patients in emergency departments.

She has been teaching at Curtin for the past decade but her passion for working with older people was realised just three years ago when she decided to join the aged care sector.

“I enjoy the environment of working in aged care, and I love that as a nurse, you can build connections with older people,” Dr Maclean said.

Dr Maclean added that nurses play an important role in wound care and management for older people, which is why regular training and updates are important.

“In our training sessions, not only did staff get to revise on some of the information they already know, but they also learn new things not just from the course, but from each other,” she said.

Running from September 4-11, Wound Awareness Week aims to shine a spotlight on Australia’s silent epidemic, wounds, and advocates for improved wound care for more Australians.

Read more at www.woundaware.org