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Creating change for women in the workplace  

With Juniper’s workforce comprising more than 85 per cent women, being part of a cohort of forward-thinking Western Australian organisations to champion change is a no-brainer.  

Since joining Juniper as CEO in December 2022, Russell Bricknell is eager to carry on the legacy of his predecessor Chris Hall having recently renewed Juniper’s commitment to CEOs for Gender Equity.  

Juniper has been part of the CEOs for Gender Equity community since 2018. 

Looking ahead, Russell is eager to dive deeper into how Juniper can support women in the workplace, particularly when it comes to existing female talent.  

“While we are proud to have a workforce that is predominantly women, where we fall short is the number of female staff in middle-management roles across the organisation,” Russell said.  

Russell said part of his vision to change this is to find ways to build more confidence in female staff which empowers them to step into leadership roles. 

“We have to be better at growing and developing the female talent that we already have here at Juniper,” he said. 

“Whether it’s offering a clearer career pathway, more professional development opportunities or mentorships for our female staff, there is plenty of room for improvement in this space, and it’s exciting to see what we can do.” 

Part of Juniper’s plan to bring this to action is to build a capability framework which can help create more career pathways for female staff.  

“We need to articulate this framework for every role at Juniper, so that we can create more opportunities for our female staff,” he said. 

“We want to see more career progression for women at Juniper, and building a capability framework will form the foundation of setting these opportunities into motion.” 

Juniper Manager of Recruitment Rachel Sharp said being part of CEOs for Gender Equity was an important step towards creating and embedding change for women in the workplace.  

On May 22, Juniper’s Recruitment Team will connect with parents looking to return to the workplace at the CEOs for Gender Equity return-to-work event, Reconnect & Reignite. 

“I think this is a really good opportunity for return-to-work parents to learn about the kind of roles they can step into here at Juniper,” Rachel said.   

“Whether it’s the steps they need to take to attain those skillsets or qualifications needed for the role, or if we can provide on-the-job training, we want to guide parents through their career options and steer them onto a pathway that is right for them and matches the skillsets they have.” 

The Reignite & Reconnect expo will be on Wednesday May 22 from 12-3pm at the Scarborough Community Hub. 

Secure your ticket to this free event here.