Aged Care Employee Day: thank you for caring Janelle - Juniper

Aged Care Employee Day: thank you for caring Janelle

As the Lifestyle Coordinator at Juniper Hayloft Residential Aged Care Home in Martin, Janelle Johnson plays a big role in keeping residents engaged and mentally stimulated through a variety of fun, fulfilling activities.   

Each fortnight, Janelle creates a new lifestyle activity plan drawing from residents’ interests and hobbies. The activities bring her immense joy and has made her realise how much she loves working in aged care. 

From partaking in one of their favourite games – bingo – to getting competitive in a round of carpet bowls or versing one another in a round of makeshift air hockey, Janelle ensures there’s plenty of fun and games happening for residents at Juniper Hayloft.  

“It gives our residents a sense of purpose, it keeps people physically active and keeps minds stimulated,” Janelle said. 

“It’s about enabling older people to keep doing what they love. I just love spending time, having fun, and supporting residents..  

Having worked at Juniper Hayloft since its opening in 2018, first as a carer before transitioning into the role of lifestyle coordinator two-and-a-half years ago, Janelle said both the residents and staff at the home have become her family. 

“It’s like a family, there’s a real family atmosphere here, and we’re here for the same reason – to support residents to live their best life,” she said.  “I work in such a great team who are always supportive.”  

For Janelle, she couldn’t imagine working in any other sector than aged care. 

“If you like helping people and are passionate about older people, you can’t go wrong. It’s so rewarding but you walk away knowing you’ve made a difference in people’s lives,” she said. 

While it’s a job she does with passion each day, she said it was humbling for her and her colleagues to be widely acknowledged during events like Aged Care Employee Day. 

“I think days like Aged Care Employee are important as it validates what we do is meaningful and that we make a difference in residents’ lives,” she said. 

So for Aged Care Employee Day, Juniper wants to give a BIG thank you to all staff like Janelle who bring their passion to work each day and love what they do!