Age no barrier for renowned performer Susan Vincent - Juniper

Age no barrier for renowned performer Susan Vincent

At the vibrant age of 74, Susan Vincent has become a beloved figure in the world of musical theatre. With her incredible talent as a performer, director, actor, and pop singer, she has won the admiration of thousands. Despite her achievements, Susan shows no signs of slowing down. Each year, she graces the stage with her performances and takes the director’s seat, proving that retirement is far from her mind.

Susan’s theatre journey began at a young age, as she watched her father, a professional actor, singer, and musician, rehearse for his roles. Encouraged by her father’s passion, Susan took her first steps onto the stage at the age of 11, playing her father’s granddaughter in a play. This experience led her to a lead role in Cinderella, where she was then offered a recording contract as a pop singer.

“Acting is in my blood; it is all I have ever wanted to do,” said Susan.

Susan performed across the United Kingdom and at the age of 25, she embarked on a new chapter in her life, moving to Australia with her daughter and son. She worked as a director, and performer, and even secured a contract with the WA Opera. Susan’s passion also earned her opportunities to showcase her skills on television, working as a news presenter in Kalgoorlie and introducing the first theatre restaurant to the town.

“I have performed or directed every year since I was in my 20s – it keeps me young. I feel more alive on the stage than I do anywhere else, and I am always itching to go on,” added Susan.

Two years ago, Susan moved to Juniper St David’s Retirement Living and says the warm and vibrant community has given her a lovely group of friends and the perfect environment for her to write her scripts.

“I sit outside on my patio in the mornings and do my work, I love it out there. I am also on the social committee, and Lyn, the chair of the committee used to watch my plays, it’s a small world!” she said.

“We try and encourage all the oldies to get on board with our social events. We are trying to get everyone out and about because it is so important to keep active in the community.”

Susan also receives in-home help from Juniper through her Home Care Package to provide her with domestic assistance so she can continue to do the things she loves, like directing.

“I am blessed to have such a wonderful circle of friends at St David’s, and support from Juniper’s home care team so I can continue to live independently at home. I never feel alone, especially with the friendships I have formed here, we continuously watch out for one another.”

Susan is now preparing to direct “The Boyfriend,” a musical she once starred in as a talented 17-year-old.

“My love for theatre and music has been my secret to a happy and fulfilling life, and I am always looking forward to my next show. I love looking out into the audience and seeing my friends and hopefully, at my next show I will see familiar faces from St David’s”.