2023 Harmony Week: Meet Rita - Juniper
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2023 Harmony Week: Meet Rita

Rita Christos joined Juniper as an Executive Support Officer in April 2022.

During Harmony Week, Rita shares what it means to celebrate her culture and the importance of creating a sense of belonging in the workplace.

While she was born in Australia, Rita Christos is proud of her Greek heritage, so much so that she makes a conscious effort to celebrate and share her culture with her family, especially her two young grandchildren.

“My culture is very important to me,” she said. “It adds a lot of colour and flavour to my life.

“I love the strong sense of family and extended family and a lot of our traditions enhance the colour and fun of special events.”

Coming together to cook traditional Greek dishes is commonplace in Rita’s family, and it’s a tradition she has carried on with her two young grandchildren.

“My mum has always cooked traditional Greek food and they are my strongest memories,” she said.

“One of my favourite dishes is a traditional cheese pita that she used to make for my Dad. He just loved the way she made it and she has often been asked to make it for family as no one else makes it like my mum does.”

Having experienced discrimination against her Greek heritage during her childhood, Rita developed a deeper appreciation and understanding for other cultures.

“I believe the fact that I was a Greek child growing up in an Australia that was a lot less tolerant in the 60s makes me open and welcoming to people of other cultural backgrounds,” she said.

Rita is proud to work for a culturally-diverse organisation that celebrates inclusive events like Harmony Week.

“Juniper’s workforce is very diverse so this it is very important that we all promote inclusion,” she said.

“The Juniper staff exude a warmth and welcome that I noticed immediately on joining the team.

“I have felt a strong sense of belonging which really left an impression on me so I make sure I extend the same warmth to anyone who joins the team. It’s a pleasure to come to work.”