Juniper provides spiritual wellbeing and pastoral care services to aged care residents in need of support or guidance

Transitions and changes in life can bring about a range of emotions and how we respond to these challenges can vary.

Juniper’s Pastoral and Spiritual Care team bring professional training, skills and a confidential approach to supporting you in times of need.

Our team of compassionate professionals provide an empathetic and caring service that caters to your individual situation.

Pastoral Care in Aged Care Services


Pastoral and Spiritual Care team members can visit residents of our care homes for one-to-one confidential conversations. You may be someone with a religious interest, feeling isolated from your faith group and would like the opportunity to share with someone of a similar interest. Or perhaps a religious faith is not your concern and you simply wish to talk through matters that are important to you. We are here to offer you emotional support and help you through life’s challenging times.

Church services

We offer a range of Christian church services for our residents who wish to attend. A number of local churches also visit our homes. All of our residents are important to us and we uphold and respect everyone’s backgrounds and beliefs. Whatever your faith, we can connect you with people to provide the spiritual support you may need.

Families and staff

Family members and friends are also affected by the changing circumstances of their loved ones which is why our Pastoral and Spiritual Care services extend to families and friends of our residents. If you would like to chat with a member of our Pastoral and Spiritual Care team please speak with the manager of your loved one’s care home. 

Our staff are also always welcome to receive Pastoral and Spiritual Care services as a means of personal support in their various roles. 

Pastoral and Spiritual Care Volunteers

Our Pastoral and Spiritual Care team is complemented by specially trained volunteers. If you would like to become a Pastoral and Spiritual Care Volunteer, you can?register your interest here or contact us today.  

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