Partners In Care Program

Juniper’s Partners in Care program and philosophy enables person-centred care in residential care environments (residential and transition care) and supports companionship, care and connectedness between residents and their family and the other significant people in their lives.

Juniper recognises that companionship, care, and connectedness by a loved one and care continuity for residents is paramount to their wellbeing.

The Partners in Care program is particularly useful at times of infection risk, such as COVID-19 and influenza outbreaks when residents may have limited contact with their family and friends. To make sure this happens safely, Juniper provides online training and onsite support and supervision that minimise the risk of infection transmission during visits.

If you are in the Perth Metropolitan area, a mask fit test is optional and can be undertaken prior to visiting your loved one. This process helps match a mask with your face shape and size, assisting with its protection to you. This can be done before or after the Partners in Care training and booking details will be provided. Alternatively, if you are located outside the Perth Metropolitan area, a mask fit check (rather than a fit test) will be conducted by a member of staff when you visit the Juniper residential aged care facility.

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The Partners in Care Model on the right shows the elements of the PIC program:

Companionship: Safe face to face visiting on or off site with the resident and their Partner in Care. Relevant information, training and support in infection prevention and control practices is provided to support the Partner in Care to reduce risk and support safe companionship.

Care: Supervised care by Partners in Care (such as activities of daily living: walking, personal care, exercises, leisure activities) as detailed in the resident’s care plan. Information, training, and supervision is provided to support the Partner in Care.

Connection: Juniper facilitates virtual connection strategies such as supported telephone and video calling through the provision of smartphone and tablet (iPad) technologies to support residents communicate with their Partners in Care when they want to. Juniper Connect (a web application accessible by all stakeholders) supports visit bookings and call conferencing.


Why does Juniper have a Partners in Care Program?

 Juniper knows that visitor restrictions are difficult for everyone, and we recognise and value the important contributions family and friends can make to the wellbeing of their loved ones. During a time of heightened risk of infection, Juniper wants to enable visits, but we will do it in a safe and carefully managed way. We help achieve this by providing Partners in Care with information, training and onsite support and supervision.

What training and support is provided?

Online training

The online training program provides key education and information on infection control, personal protective equipment (PPE), hygiene protocols and taking care of yourself and your loved one to keep everyone as safe as possible.

Orientation process

Once the Partner in Care has successfully completed the online training, they will meet with the site’s Residential Manager or their delegate to agree on the companionship and care activities they will provide and complete an orientation to the site (if necessary).

What are the benefits?

  • In partnering with Juniper through this program, a Partner in Care will be able to visit their loved ones as safely as possible and be involved in their ongoing care, while also making sure other residents are kept safe.
  • Partners in Care may learn some new skills and use COVID-19 safe practices, including infection control practices and hygiene protocols.

What are the benefits for residents?

  • Residents can feel safe and reassured that they are able to receive important physical, emotional and social support and care from their loved ones.
  • Residents and their loved ones can maintain connections and relationships during this time, giving peace of mind and better overall quality of life.
  • Through completion of the Partners in Care online training program, each person is able to continue to safely visit their loved one during outbreaks that require visitation restrictions. However, visits are assessed on a site-by-site basis in response to the latest government and health advice. It is important to note that completion of the Partners in Care program does not guarantee ongoing visits where State or Federal government advice prohibits this.

How do I know if I am eligible to be a Partner in Care?

You are eligible if you are a person who has a close and continuing relationship with the resident such as a family member, loved one or friend. The resident must consent to you being their Partner in Care (if able).

If you are interested in being a Partner in Care, please complete the application online. We will be in contact with you once the program officially launches.

How can I provide feedback about the program?

You can provide feedback on the program or any issues arising through being a Partner in Care through the usual feedback mechanisms at the residential care home.

If you need further information, please contact the Residential Manager.

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