Aged Care Fees

Residential aged care payments with Juniper comprise a daily care fee and your room payment. The amount you pay and the level of Government assistance you receive is determined by a Centrelink assessment.

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Basic Daily Fee

This is your contribution for the services that meet your daily living needs which are sometimes called ‘hotel services’. These include food and refreshments, toiletries, cleaning, linen and laundry services, and utilities and amenities.

The daily fee is capped and is determined by an assets and income assessment by Centrelink.

Accommodation Payment

This is the cost of your room, previously known as an ‘aged care bond’. It’s flexible, you can decide a number of ways to make payment. 

Depending on your circumstances and financial assessment, you may wish to make a lump-sum payment, a daily instalment (much like a rental-style payment); or a combination of both:

RAD: The Refundable Accommodation Deposit (RAD) is a single upfront payment for your room, payable in a lump sum or as a reduced amount in combination with a daily payment (DAP).

DAP: The Daily Accommodation Payment (DAP) is a smaller non-refundable daily payment as a percentage of the reduced RAD amount. 

For instance, if you want to pay half of a $500,000 RAD, the daily charge you pay at 5% is about $31 per day. 


For example, to make the total of $500,000 you may choose to pay a refundable $100,000 deposit upfront and the remaining $400,000 as a smaller payment. Which, at around 5%, means you pay about $54 a day.

How you pay is entirely up to you, some people choose to make a smaller lump-sum and a larger daily payment or the other way round. As a not-about-profit community benefit organisation we’re proud to respond to people of all means.

Call our friendly team on 1300 313 000 for assistance with aged care fees.

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