Juniper Connect – Connecting families with their loved ones

We understand how hard it is not being able to see your loved ones and how difficult it is for them too.

It is important to stay connected and we are pleased to announce our new program, Juniper Connect, so that our Juniper Community can continue to see their loved one during an outbreak.

This regular contact is provided by the freely available Microsoft Teams video calling application – available on both computers and mobile devices.

You can easily schedule a video call via a simple to use web based booking system, which allows you to join a video call from a simple click of a link from an email that is sent out to you. The Juniper team will ensure that your loved one is ready and waiting at the other end.

The bookings are for 10 minutes, giving you time for a chat and catch-up, and also allowing others to make use of the service as well.


What do I need?

You will need access to an email account that can be used to make the booking and receive emails that will allow connection to the video meeting.

You will also need a suitable device for the video call. The following are suitable:
– Computer with a webcam
– Apple or Android based mobile tablet device with a forward facing camera (iPad, Samsung Tab etc)
– Apple or Android based mobile phone with a forward facing camera

How do I make a booking?

Each Juniper facility has their own booking page. Please click on the facility name below of where you loved one is being cared for. This will take you on to the booking page. Simply select a suitable date and time for yourself, and then complete the questions to make a booking. You will receive an email confirming your booking as well as instructions on how to download Microsoft Teams if required for your mobile device. You will also receive reminders closer to the date.

I don’t see the facility listed?

Juniper Connect is currently being rolled out across Juniper Care facilities and hence is not available at all of them at this stage. Please check back again soon.

How do I change or cancel my booking?

You can easily adjust or cancel your booking from the confirmation email you receive. Just click the Reschedule button in the confirmation email and follow the prompts.

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