Juniper Hilltop resident Isobel couldn’t wipe the smile off her face when she saw her daughter’s face for the first time in months over a video call.  

Last month, Isobel became the first resident at Hilltop Residential Aged Care Home to use Juniper’s new  program Juniper Connect, which uses video call technology to connect residents with family members who can’t visit them in person, particularly those who live interstate or overseas. 

Juniper Senior Therapy Assistant Katie Pagan said it was heart-warming to see Isobel’s face light up the moment her daughter appeared by video call. 

This was our first Juniper Connect call at Hilltop, and Isobel enjoyed being able to see her daughter Sue who lives in Queensland,” Katie said. “Isobel spoke about how lovely it was to see her face. 

“She had another Juniper Connect a couple weeks ago for her birthday.” 

“I think it’s much more special for the family to be able to see their mum on her birthday, rather than just hear her voice.” 

Launched earlier this year the program has been designed to keep residents connected with their family and loved ones when they aren’t able to visit them in person.  This is especially helpful when altered visiting arrangements have been applied in response to COVID management.  

Residents and family members can book in a session using the free app, Microsoft Teams, which is available on both desktop computers and mobile devices. 

The program has been rolled out across Juniper’s Residential Aged Care Homes. 

So far, the program has received positive feedback from families and residents. 

Katie said another Hilltop resident, Joyce, recently used the Juniper Connect service to get in touch with family members who were holidaying in the UK.  

Read more about Juniper Connect here 

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