Towards Reconciliation

Juniper’s services extend from the northern tip of Western Australia in Wyndham to the southern extremity in Albany. There are particular challenges in providing adequate and quality services in regional and remote WA. Juniper is seeking to be responsive to people who experience disadvantage circumstances.

Juniper is committed to strengthening relationships with Aboriginal people in the regions it operates to enable the journey of exchange, learning and reconciliation knowing this will bring benefits all involved.  

So Aboriginal people experience culture safety in our services, we are respectfully engaging with Aboriginal people where a strong appreciation of Aboriginal culture and history is advanced.

We seek to build an appreciation of Aboriginal perspectives and cultures so we may go forward together. We know the First Peoples of Australia:

  • Have a unique relationship to Country
  • Continue to feel the ill effects of colonisation and policy that have created marginalisation
  • Have rights to wellbeing and self-determination
  • Will join us on our emerging reconciliation journey, based on truth, justice and recognition.

View Juniper’s Reconciliation Action Plan here

Kimberley Focus

We are building respectful relationships with Elders, leaders and community members in the regions where we operate to build awareness of local culture, protocols and the aspirations and needs of local Aboriginal people.  

By giving our commitment to building collaboration and partnerships to benefit Aboriginal communities we can: 

  • Build workforce cultural awareness and competency 
  • Continue to celebrate and honour Country and Aboriginal culture
  • Develop strategies for Aboriginal aged care employment and career pathways
  • Help build capacity so communities ultimately may be to the fore in management of Juniper’s aged cares services in the Kimberley.

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