We believe in celebrating life, and strive to add value to the communities in which we operate, where our staff and volunteers work to achieve our Vision and Mission.

Our Vision

A life well lived.

Our Mission

To provide excellent care, accommodation and support services to older Western Australians.

Our Core Values

  • Welcome – We are kind and caring.
    We are gracious to one another, fostering connection among all who are involved in Juniper, while respecting independence and choice.
  • Respect – We put people first.
    At Juniper, we believe every person matters and will be treated with respect, compassion, and dignity.
  • Compassion – We listen to understand.
    We listen first, making sure people are comfortable sharing all feedback and know they have a voice that is heard, understood and responded to.
  • Hope – We make the most of life.
    We support people to get the best out of each day, individually and as a community.
  • Courage – We pursue excellence.
    We are bold in our creative thinking, agile in our response to change and strive for excellence in all we do.

Our Guiding Principles

Juniper’s Guiding Principles provide us with direction in achieving our Vision and Mission, where we:

  • Respect each person’s physical, spiritual, emotional and social needs
  • Empower each person to exercise choice and control over their lives
  • Strive to enhance personal freedom and independent functioning
  • Provide care services based on holistic needs assessment
  • Encourage people to develop their spirituality
  • Encourage people to engage with community to counter social isolation
  • Respect each person’s right to die with dignity and in peace
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