Our Juniper Bethshan Residential Aged Care Home in Katanning is excited to have formed a partnership with local early learning centre, Community Daycare, to bring intergenerational play to our residents!

So far, our Bethshan residents have attended the daycare to read stories to children, and have also been paid a visit by three to five-year-olds every two weeks, who join our residents for games, singing and loads of giggles and stories.

Our staff and residents have LOVED the new connections they are making with the children and have enjoyed the fun, excitement and boundless energy they bring to Juniper Bethshan.

Research has shown that building intergenerational bonds bring many benefits for an older person’s wellbeing, from helping improve their mental and emotional state, reducing the likelihood of loneliness and depression and providing a sense of fulfilment and purpose.

Check out these adorable photos of our residents with the children – it’s sure to melt your heart!

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