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Choosing the right kind of care or support is an important decision for you, your family and all those you love. We're here to help and guide you through the many options available and ensure you have a clear understanding of the services that will best meet your needs.


Admission enquiries

We want you to have the best start with Juniper. Prior to admission your application involves these simple steps:

  • Application - please contact Juniper for an application form that includes personal, financial and care information. This will help us enable faster waitlist placement, prioritise your needs and help us keep in contact with you.
  • Acknowledgment - we will contact you regarding your preferred facilities once your application is on our waitlist.
  • Availability - once you are on our waitlist, you’re welcome to view your chosen facilities.
  • Accepting - after you accept our offered room, we will help you with Juniper's pre-admission requirements.

Pricing information

We can help you better understand payments and contributions

The amount you may be asked to pay for Accommodation and Care Costs will depend on your Centrelink Income and Assets Assessments.

The Federal Government sets the fees and charges and they may also provide subsidies to assist with your care and accommodation costs. These fees and charges fall into categories and these are briefly outlined below.

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Assistance information

Contact our friendly team during office hours.

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The basic daily fee is charged at 85 per cent of the current aged care pension and contributes to daily living expenses such as food and refreshments, supply of toiletries, linen and laundry, and use of electricity and water.

This is payable by all residents regardless of their financial status.

The Accommodation Cost is the room price, and dependent on your assets and income assessment you may:

  • Be eligible to have your accommodation costs met in full or part by the Federal Government
  • Be required to pay the full accommodation costs

If you are required to pay part of full accommodation costs you will have three payment options via:

  • A lump sum fully refundable deposit called a Residential Accommodation Deposit (RAD)
  • An interest only payment on the unpaid RAD called a Daily Accommodation Payment (DAP)
  • A combination of a portion of the RAD and a DAP payment on the unpaid portion of the RAD

Care Subsidies are a payment for the provision of clinical and personal care, based on your assessed needs.

Dependent on your Assets and Income Assessment you may be:

  • eligible to have your care costs met in full by the Federal Government
  • eligible to have a portion of your care costs met by the Federal Government, with you paying the balance known as the Means Tested Care Fee
  • required to pay the full care costs

The Means Tested Care Fee is capped on an annual and lifetime basis.

If you do not intend to lodge a Centrelink Assets and Income Assessment, or have not lodged one by the time of admission, the Federal Government will deem you liable for the Care Subsidies. This will be payable direct by you at the current maximum daily Care Subsidy rate.


Juniper has a commitment to providing for people without the means to pay.

If you have no assets, this does not mean you cannot apply for residential care. All applications are individually assessed and prioritised based on the needs of each person.

Call us to find out how we can help.