Pastoral & Spiritual Care

We are committed to offer holistic care, which includes a Pastoral and Spiritual Care Team at our residential sites.

Communication can be the key to inclusion, so we want all residents to feel at home during their transitions through life. The Juniper team provides the understanding and support needed during times of change.

If you want to apply to be Pastoral and Spiritual Care Volunteer, it's easy to register online and download our forms, to start please click here.

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How we help

We extend our services to residents, clients, families and our staff.

Because we want to make sure our residents get the spiritual support they need to live fulfilled lives, we will visit each resident and offer one-on-one confidential conversations. For those experiencing significant stress, our team will make sure to put you on top of their list.

Since moving somewhere new can mean a period of adjustment, we make sure that our newest residents have not only a strong social support, but also get enough spiritual support activities to adjust to their new living environment. Residents can always request visits, and can choose to partake as they desire.

We offer a range of regular Christian Church services for our residents who wish to attend, and practice their religious faith. A number of local churches also visit our sites and our residents.

All of our residents are important to us and we uphold their backgrounds, whilst recognising their beliefs. Whatever the faith, Juniper can connect residents with people who can help them get the spiritual support they require.

We also encourage commemoration of those residents who have passed on. Consequently, we conduct ANZAC day services, memorial services and funerals to remember those who are no longer with us.

We know that it can be a challenge to see a loved one in residential care. Juniper is here not only to support our residents as they age, but their family as well! Our team is always available to meet with you for a chat.

Strong bonds can be forged on a daily basis between both residents and staff. As the elderly decline in health, not only are residents and families in need of a shoulder, but likewise our staff are also welcomed to have conversations with this Juniper team.

Our Pastoral and Spiritual Care team are here for all parties during difficult times. They can act as confidants on a wide range of subjects. We aim to also support family members and staff, and respond to their needs and preferences as the need arises.

Our fully trained Pastoral and Spiritual Care staff and volunteers are put through a stringent selection process, and are trained to assist all of us in a variety of roles. Our staff have previously come from different backgrounds and occupations.

They often can relate to our residents, having overcome crisis situations and life obstacles themselves, with the experience or knowledge needed to guide you.

All Juniper staff are encouraged to respect and support different expressions of spirituality. We celebrate the variety of ways in which our residents, family, and staff find meaning and purpose in life.

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