Live a full life with care services

Posted on October 25, 2018.


Residential Executive Manager Dr Michael Preece says forward-thinking responses are in place at the organisation’s newest facility to meet the Government’s new consumer-focused aged care quality standards in July 2019.

Residential aged care now is very different to what it was even two years ago,” he said.

“In aged care, an individual needs to be the person they have always been, not just a name on a door.”

Dr Preece says this approach applies to people in their own homes or residing in residential aged care, where the person is empowered to be themselves, and live the life that they have always envisioned for themselves.

“Living a good life requires trusting relationships and communication between care staff and management, residents, families and volunteers.”

He said that residential aged care requires a shift from tradition across many aspects of an organisation’s practices where regimented systems and activities are abandoned in favour of flexibility for both staff and residents.

This way forward is happening at Juniper Hayloft, the provider’s newest 100-place facility in Martin, and will be implemented across the organisation.

At Juniper Hayloft, activities specific to the individual, including everyday household tasks that are meaningful, are tailored to the individual and leisure time includes pastimes that enhance the person’s sense of identity, such as hobbies and gardening.

The facility provides many choices for residents and visitors including a central playground, large light-filled lounges and common areas and outside, a mini farmyard is planned.

“A normal life is where kids can play outside and residents can sit with their family and have a coffee and cake and people come in and out like they used to do at home.”

Dr Preece said most of the changes to aged care are driven by what children want for their parents and what the parents want for themselves.

“Families have a significant role in planning and delivering care for their loved one and are seen as partners with staff in the process of supporting a good life for the resident,” he said.

“The role of leaders is to place support systems around the staff and to provide them with the right opportunities to be the best they can be and in turn facilitates the residents being the best they can be.

“Aged care is changing; our grandparents accepted what was given to them now that has radically changed, and it’s happening now.”

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