Inspired Joyce is Australia’s Aged Care Employee of the Year

Posted on September 05, 2018.


Juniper Chief Executive Officer Mr Chris Hall congratulated Joyce, a much-loved and well respected Multi-skilled Carer/Supervisor with an aged care career spanning an impressive 50 years - 45 of those years served continuously with Juniper.

“Joyce is a giving and inspirational mentor, her longevity and dedication to her role is a powerful example to her colleagues,” Mr Hall said.

Joyce commenced her aged care career in her early twenties, working as a carer at Methodist Memorial Hospital in Subiaco.

“When I was younger I went down to the aged care home in Glendalough to polish the floors and I would always talk to the residents and I loved it,” she said.

“Mum used to look after an elderly lady at the back of our house and I used to help her care for her at the age of 14. I just always liked it. I think it was just in me. It felt right – like something I was meant to do.”

Joyce’s extraordinary length of service alone is an inspiration to her colleagues. This year she celebrates 45 years of continuous service with Juniper, but first started working in aged care even earlier in 1968.

Mr Hall said her co-workers enjoy learning from her vast amount of experience and knowledge as she is a mentor to colleagues and a nurturing, generous supervisor who always provides advice and feedback in a kind and pleasant way.

She is well known for her compassion and seemingly limitless generosity, her unwavering focus on the specific needs of individual residents has made a positive difference in the lives of many people, he said.

Her continuous commitment to caring for others and her ability to focus on the individual needs of residents and their families is a powerful example to her co-workers.

“I always try and get our staff to see things from the residents’ point of view. Just small touches in their rooms will make them feel happier and more at home,” said Joyce.
She said she did not expect to win ACSA’s Employee of the Year Award and was thrilled to accept it.

Joyce is also a registered Juniper Volunteer and has been recognised by the WA Volunteer Service Awards for the length of her continuous volunteer service to one organisation.