Downsizing to Retirement

Posted on February 18, 2019.


As our children leave the family nest and retirement moves closer, many of us in our late 50s and 60s decide to sell the family home and downsize into retirement living.

No more weekends spent all day in the garden, mowing the lawns or cleaning a large empty house. Downsizing is an opportunity to live your life and love your lifestyle, so it’s a move that makes total sense.

Downsizing can seem like a scary task but with thorough planning, it could be one of the best moves you make – both financially and mentally!

At Juniper, there are many options available to you to downsize and move into Retirement Villages in Perth.

Here are 7 tips to help you declutter and downsize to retirement living with ease.

1. How to select your next home? Make a list!

The first thing to tackle is the most obvious - Finding your next home.

The first step is to create a shortlist of desirable locations you’d like to call home for your retirement years and then start booking yourself into home opens. There are many Retirement Villages for sale in Perth and are open for inspection.

Simply ask yourself, which suburb do you want to live in? Is your preference to be close to family and friends? Do you prefer apartment living or would you rather enjoy life in a villa?

Living near Perth’s CBD could be quite advantageous to your lifestyle with easy access to transport, shopping and parklands, such as Juniper’s Orana Apartments and RoseMount Villas

2. Declutter by throwing a garage sale

This is often the hardest step but is also the most rewarding once complete. Clearing out possessions that haven’t seen the light of day in years will not only lighten your physical load when moving but will simultaneously declutter the mind.

After the kids and loved ones have done the once over and taken their prized possessions from yesteryear, it’s time to throw a good old-fashioned garage sale.

By getting rid of possessions you no longer need, hosting a garage sale will be a fantastic way to gain a bit of extra money as well. We all know a little extra goes a long way, so what are you waiting for? It’s time to start decluttering!

3. Channel your inner philanthropist

Another benefit of downsizing? You can also donate your items to people in need.

In Western Australia, we’re spoilt with op shops that would kindly welcome old ‘vintage’ clothes, furniture and kitchenware, such as The Salvos and Good Samaritans. A good tip to help you make the decision on what to donate is to itemize your belongings in a list and discard those items you have multiples of.

By donating items you no longer need, you’ll not only shave at least an hour off moving day, but you’ll also feel better knowing you’ve done some good by helping someone less fortunate in need.

4. Plan the layout for your new space early

It’s time to use your imagination. Head over to the place you’re moving in to and assess the space that you’re working with.

Will you have to take apart the queen size bed to fit it through the front door? Will you have to carry your chest of drawers up 2 flights of stairs? Does your new home have room for your large sofa? By planning out how to use your new space effectively, you’ll have a much better idea of deciding which items to bring with you and which ones you can let go of.

5. Organise ‘moving day’ in advance

It’s all about preparation, preparation, preparation! A couple of weeks before you’re due to move, start packing your possessions into well labelled and secure boxes. If you have clothes on hangers, slide them into large garbage bags as this will not only help you when moving them, but it will also keep them clean.

If you are planning on using removalists for moving day, try book well in advance as they are often booked out on weekends. If your family are the ‘muscle for hire’ for the day, warn them in advance you require their services and don’t forget to invite them around to your new home for refreshments once the work is done – a good way to thank them for their hard work!

6. Digitise where you can

Do you have an abundance of CDs, tapes, DVDs or Video Cassettes? Maybe you have files containing important paperwork or a number of photo books? The great thing about the digital age is that it has brought with it an ability for us all to declutter and save physical space! All of these items can be digitized and saved onto your computer or saved on small thumb drives.

While we generally tend to keep hard copies of important sentimental items, when it all adds up it does take up a lot of space. Most documents and photographs can be scanned to your computer and saved as digital files. If you have multiple DVDs, CDs or Video Cassettes that you want to digitise, just remember that some may be copyrighted, which could prevent you from making a digital copy, so best to check first.

7. Take a big breath and enjoy downsized living

After the move is complete, you’ll be able to take that nice deep breath, know that your new home is decluttered and now it’s time to start enjoying the next phase of life.

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