With a strong passion for training and willingness to go the extra mile, Rachel Lowry, Manager of Training and Development is the perfect example of how our people are our greatest asset.

Since joining Juniper in 2016, Rachel has been the Kimberley Area Manager, Clinical Trainer, and Nurse Advisor, and now holds the position of Manager Training and Development.

During COVID-19, Rachel launched Partners in Care, an infection, prevention, and control training program for families so they can continue to visit and provide care during an outbreak. This program was initially held face to face with over 280 family members and has recently been developed into online training.

This year, Rachel also implemented Ausmed, a new Learning Management System for iLearn, and created five new training plans.
• Residential Training Plan
• Residential Kimberley Training Plan
• Home and Community Training Plan
• Home and Community Kimberley Training Plan
• Central Office Training Plan

Rachel is now working on Juniper’s new Transition to Practice Program for new graduate nurses. The program will incorporate an online course with the University of Wollongong’s Gerontological Nursing Competencies and practical training on Juniper’s Standard Care Procedures and how to document in Clinical Manager.

When asked what her favourite part about working at Juniper is, Rachel said it is the people who she works with.

“I was impressed with how Juniper’s executive team and support services rallied around each site during COVID-19 outbreaks. It was beautiful to see such amazing teamwork.”

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