Juniper has introduced its latest employee benefits program, Juniperks, to attract and retain the best staff and make Juniper the aged care sector employer of choice.

Juniperks offers a range of benefits, including extensive discounts that help staff with the cost of living, from reducing the weekly grocery bill to providing affordable family outings like trips to the movies. This initiative comes as a response to the escalating cost of living, demonstrating Juniper’s commitment to supporting its employees.

In addition to these benefits, Juniperks introduces a peer-to-peer digital platform that makes it easy for employees to recognise and appreciate each other’s efforts. Juniper recognises the dedication of its employees and believes that peer recognition is a powerful way to ensure their great work does not go unnoticed, which helps create a positive work environment.

Juniper Chief Executive Officer Russell Bricknell said like many in the Western Australian community, Juniper staff were also feeling the impacts of the increasing cost of living.

“Juniperks is a small yet meaningful way to support our employees while making Juniper an employer of choice. It’s just one part of our strategy to attract and retain the best staff, ensuring we deliver the highest quality care to our customers,” said Mr Bricknell.

With over 2,200 dedicated staff spread across Western Australia, Juniper’s commitment to enhancing the employee experience through Juniperks showcases its appreciation for the hard work and dedication of its workforce.

“Juniperks represents a significant investment in our staff and demonstrates our commitment to creating a workforce that feels valued, rewarded and recognised. We aim to build a workplace where everyone feels appreciated, fostering a culture of respect and acknowledgment where Juniper’s values are actively applied in every area of our work,” said Mr Bricknell.

With one of the largest care footprints in the nation, Juniper is located throughout metropolitan Perth and in the Peel, Great Southern, Kimberley, Mid-West, and Wheatbelt regions. To explore the opportunities at Juniper, visit the careers page on its website.

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