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Our friendly team brings together a range of free and low cost services. We strive to help older people become healthy seniors, while maintaining their wellbeing. A skilled outreach team delivers informative workshops to seniors groups. Two convenient Day Therapy Centres offer personalised Allied Health Services and information.

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Our accredited services are delivered by our caring and compassionate staff. Our Home Care services provide the flexibility and choices from low to high care, so you can maintain your lifestyle.

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Outreach and Wellness

Juniper’s Outreach and Wellness Program provides affordable and useful services. As well as information so you can stay a healthy senior and maintain your independence.

Available to people aged 65 and over, informative Wellness Seminars are a great way to learn more about your health. And know how to prevent or better manage a range of conditions from simple pains to chronic disease management.

You can monitor your health at home through Telehealth. Plus, we offer Podiatry Services to help keep you active and on your feet.

Juniper responds to all people, especially those with limited means. So, do not worry about cost, and reach out to us if you have any questions. Our friendly team is here to help!

Juniper’s Outreach and Wellness Home Care Program promotes a healthy and active lifestyle for elderly people. It does so with free Wellness Seminars, workshops, walking groups and Podiatry Services. Learn about chronic disease management, good nutrition, foot care and generally maintaining good health. You can do it with the help of our friendly and qualified Juniper Outreach and Wellness team.  

This is available to elderly people, living independently in community within the Perth metropolitan area and to those receiving HACC or a Level 2 home care package.

Our Home Care Program is also available to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people aged 45 and over.

There is no referral required to access this service, and is available to anyone who meets the program’s criteria.

Wellness Seminars

We provide free Health and Wellbeing Seminars and workshops to groups in Perth. Popular topics include:

  • Keeping your Brain Healthy and Brain Training
  • Arthritis 
  • Healthy Eating and Weight Management 
  • Reading Food Labels 
  • Stress Management and Relaxation
  • Improving Sleep 
  • Let’s talk blood pressure 
  • Heart Attack and Stroke 
  • Pain and Chronic Pain Management 
  • Managing Diabetes (Diet, medication, and feet) 
  • Memoir Writing 
  • Bowel Cancer and Healthy Digestion

Telehealth is a free service designed to help people with diabetes, chronic heart disease or COPD (emphysema/chronic bronchitis). We help people manage these health conditions.

Our Registered Nurse will provide you with equipment. This includes a blood pressure cuff, oximeter, blood glucose machine and scales, whilst teaching you how to use these.

Your results will be transferred to your nurses’ computer via the MyTelemedic machine. By monitoring your condition on a regular basis, you can learn more about your chronic condition and chronic disease management.

If this program sounds like something you would be interested in, contact Janet on 6363 6324, or via an email to

Juniper also provides affordable Podiatry Services, so you can stay on your feet! Our one-on-one podiatry sessions include assessment, treatment and monitoring of feet, for those with diabetes. We provide foot-related wound care in close consultation with your GP, community nurse and relevant health providers. Simple insoles and functional orthotics are also available.

Our Podiatry Services are provided at greatly reduced rates. The clinic is based at Juniper Rowethorpe, Bentley on Monday and Tuesday afternoons.

Our seminars and telehealth programs are free. Juniper responds to all people, especially those with limited means. A small fee per Podiatry visit is payable. Please call us to discuss your requirements.

Assistance information

Contact our friendly team during office hours.

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Day Therapy Centres

Juniper’s Day Therapy Centres provide a range of services for elderly people. They offer Podiatry Services, Occupational Therapy, Community Nursing and Physiotherapy.

Our Day Therapy Centres are conveniently located north and south of the river.

They include Podiatry Services, Occupational Services, Occupation Therapy, Community Nurse, and Physiotherapy.

Juniper’s two Day Therapy Centres are conveniently located north and south of the river in RoseMount and Rowethorpe. They provide a wide range of services and Home Care Programs to help maintain individual health and independence.

You can benefit from our services if you are aged 65 and over, are living in your own home and receive HACC services or are on a low care Level 2 Home Care Package.


Podiatry Services can be accessed with or without referral by a GP, nurse, or an Allied Health professional. These service include:

  • assessment and treatment for specific conditions, such as problem nails, corns, calluses, and foot-related problems
  • footwear assessment and advice on the best options for you 
  • good health support for diabetics (this includes assessment, treatment, and monitoring) 
  • foot-related wound care assistance with simple insoles and functional orthotics

Occupational Therapy

With or without a referral from a GP, nurse, or an Allied Health professional, you can take advantage of our services. However, to get the service you need, we recommend you contact Juniper to discuss your individual requirements.

Our Occupational Therapy services offer a wide choice for individuals and family members such as:

  • home assessments to make sure you live safely and easily in your own home.
  • advice and prescription of specialised equipment, plus small aids to improve your quality of life 
  • arranging home modifications such as grab rails, ramps and chair raisers 
  • assistance with rehabilitation following illness, accidents, or surgery 
  • friendly advice and referrals to other agencies, such as the Low Vision Center and the Independent Living Centre

Community Nurse

A GP, nurse or Allied Health professional (such as an OT, physio etc.) can refer you to our service. You can also attend without a referral. It is best, however, to contact Juniper to discuss your individual requirements. Our Community Nurses offer services such as:

  • Short-term rehabilitative monitoring and post-discharge visits to encourage recovery and return to health
  • Health education and disease prevention
  • Short-term clinical care, such as eye drops, injections and wound care Telehealth monitoring (assisted by your GP, Telehealth enables you to monitor your health from home) 
  • Advice, information and help on how to manage chronic diseases and optimising your health.  


You can access Juniper’s Physiotherapy services without referral. Else, with a referral from your GP, nurse, or an Allied Health professional. However, you are encouraged to contact Juniper to discuss your individual requirements. Our Physiotherapy services include:

  • assessment and treatment for specific conditions
  • friendly advice and information regarding your physical health and wellbeing
  • prescription of mobility aids, or adjustment and fitting of mobility aids 
  • group activities such as ‘Weight Watchers’, 
  • hydrotherapy, gentle fitness, balance groups, or aerobics; and we have a gymnasium available for personal programs

Clinical Services

Clinical services are available through Juniper’s Home Care Packages. Services include wound care, continence support and advice. Plus, specialised care and advice to meet your clinical requirements depending on your needs.

Health Education

We provide health education at our Day Therapy Centres, delivered by Juniper’s dietician, nurse and podiatrist.

These interesting and informative sessions will help you better understand your health. It is also a great way to take the steps towards a more active and vital life.

Topics include health, pain and chronic disease management, diabetes, plus foot health.

We make sure these services are available to all, especially those with limited means. A small fee per visit is payable up to a maximum of $20 per week for clients receiving multiple services. Please do note that fees are subject to change, and vary depending on services offered and location.

Assistance information

Contact our friendly team during office hours.

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