Aged Care can be a complicated topic. If some of the words are not familiar to you, this glossary should help you gain a better understanding of the terms that you may come across. We aim to make sure you have all the information which you need, so that you can make the best decision for you. If you need any further explanations just ask Juniper staff for clarification.



An Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT) helps older people, their carers and family members determine what care best meet their needs.

ACAT teams are found in major metropolitan and regional hospitals and health services. You can get a referral to an ACAT team from your GP.

Aged Care is a general term that is most identifiable with Nursing Homes, Hostel and Home Care.

Applies to newly constructed or extensively refurbished units in Retirement Villages. This is regulated by the Retirement Villages Act (where the Entry Contribution is large enough to warrant). This allows the resident to share in any appreciation in the value of the Unit, during their term of occupancy. Currently, this arrangement applies only to selected units at Juniper Rowethorpe. This includes new villas at Juniper Elimatta and Juniper RoseMount.

Juniper consults with you/your representative and family members to develop an Aged Care Plan. This guides the care and services you require, to lead a good life.

A Care Plan outlines your needs, as well as aged care, services and activities you want to meet your needs.

CDC is a new way care and services are delivered in the home. This gives you the ability to have choice and flexibility in the types of care and services you can access. Plus, how the service is delivered and who delivers it.

A basic daily fee is used to contribute towards your daily living costs in an aged care facility. This includes meals, cleaning, laundry, heating and cooling. Everyone entering a facility will be asked to pay this fee. For some people this may be the only fee they are required to pay.

The DAP is the daily payment for accommodation costs in an Australian Government subsidised aged care facility. The payment is made periodically, and is not refundable. The Australian Government assess your income and assets. It will then advise you, and the aged care facility, if you can be asked to pay towards your accommodation costs, and how much.

Day Therapy Centres provide a range of Allied Health/Therapy Services to maintain physical and psychological wellbeing and independence. Services can include Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Community Nursing and Medical Services.

Dementia encompasses a group of symptoms that are caused by disorders affecting the brain. There are many different forms of dementia. And while it can affect anyone, it is more common in people over the age of 65. Not all elderly people have dementia and it should not be considered a normal part of ageing.

This is the agreed amount of money a person pays to live in a Retirement Housing Community or Village.

The distinction between High Care and Low Care in Residential Aged Care was removed in July 2014. This enabled more flexible, simplified aged care approvals and service provision.

This is for people who wish to remain in their own home but need assistance with everyday living tasks and activities. Packages of services can include assistance with domestic tasks, social activities, personal care, nursing, transport and Allied Health Services. Juniper’s Home Care Packages can be tailored to suit individual needs.

A term formerly used for aged care facilities providing a lower level of care.

Also known as “accommodation services”, this applies to certain types of services offered within an aged care home. These include administration, maintenance of grounds and buildings, utilities, furnishings, bedding, cleaning, waste disposal, laundry, basic toiletry goods, and meals. As well as social activities at the home, and assistance in emergencies.

An Independent Living Unit can often referred to as an ILU or villa. It is an aged care accommodation unit designed for the independent, active retiree. Hence, one who requires little or no assistance with daily living.

The main form of occupancy in Retirement Villages with Juniper is - a licence to occupy through a part-refundable entry contribution. Residents pay a contractual amount upon entry. This amount is refunded in part upon departure. Residents pay all of the costs associated with operating the Retirement Village through an additional fortnightly ‘Operating Services Fee’. Otherwise called “fortnightly fees” or ‘operating rent’.

Previously known as ‘hostel care’. Low Care services in residential aged care involves personal and domestic care such as washing, cleaning and laundry services. The distinction between High Care and Low Care in residential aged care was removed in July 2014. This enables more flexible, simplified aged care approvals and service provision.

Juniper’s Outreach and Wellness program offers a range of aged care services. These include Wellness Seminars, and Telehealth. As well as Podiatry sessions to people over 60 throughout Perth’s metropolitan area.

This term applies to Home Care. A customised package of aged care services are created to suit your specific and individual needs. Juniper’s Home Care Packages enable you to live in your home for longer. And these give you choice and flexibility so you can decide the type of care that works best for you.

Palliative Care is provided to those who have an advanced illness, with little or no prospect of cure. Palliative Care aims to achieve the best possible quality of life for the person, their family and carers.

Personal Care includes assistance with dressing, feeding, washing and toileting.

A Refundable Accommodation Deposit (RAD) is a lump-sum payment for accommodation costs in an Australian Government-subsidised Aged Care Home. This lump sum will be refunded, minus the agreed deductions, when you leave the aged care home.

Rental agreements more often suit people seeking more affordable accommodation. These include rental sites with Juniper such as units in Chrystal Halliday, Euroka, Northam Cottage Homes, Pilgrim, Rowethorpe, and St Davids.

Respite care is a short-term care arrangement for a care recipient. This allows the carer to have a break and attend to other everyday activities. It also gives the care recipient a break from their normal routine. Respite care can be provided in the home, within a day centre or in an aged care facility. Juniper has one respite care facility in Bentley that is specific to dementia care.

The Regional Assessment Service (RAS) conducts a home assessment when a person requests Home and Community Care (HACC) services to identify aged care needs and suitable options.

Residential aged care facilities are purpose-built to provide specialised accommodation, care and support to aged residents with a variety of care needs. They were formerly known as nursing homes or aged care hostels. All Juniper residential aged care facilities are certified by the Commonwealth Government through the Aged Care Quality Agency.

These are leased units where residents can choose to receive extra support. Juniper has two sites that offer serviced units: St David’s (20 serviced units) and Chrystal Halliday (3 Houses for a total of 22 residents). Services include meals and refreshments; laundry services - personal and “heavy” laundry; and cleaning services. It also includes medication management and onsite assistance in case of emergency.

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