COVID-19 Information for Retirement Living

A big thanks to our retirement village communities who are responding well to the COVID-19 situation.

  • We remind everyone to maintain good practices to help prevent the spread of infection
  • Reconsider or keep visits short to our retirement villages
  • Maintain social distancing, hand hygiene and cough etiquette

Juniper is monitoring the situation closely and acting on the advice and direction of the Australian Department of Health. Our staff are regularly phoning our residents to check on them; if you need assistance please call your site’s coordinator.


Information for Retirement Villages

Whilst the spread of COVID-19 has slowed in the community recently, it remains an extremely high risk for the elderly who are most vulnerable to infection and we therefore must continue to be cautious.

To help reduce the risk of infection, we remind all retirement living residents of the following advice:

  • Residents aged 70 and over are asked to stay at home unless for certain exemptions such as shopping, appointments, healthcare needs and exercise;
  • Limiting home visits to your family members and close friends and keep these visits short as possible;
  • Encouraging all visitors to have had the 2020 influenza vaccination prior to their visit;
  • Ensuring external visitors (including contractors) are well and visits are conducted in your own home; and
  • Practice social distancing, good hand hygiene and sneeze/cough etiquette at all times.

Indoor and Outdoor Gatherings

Please note the State Government’s strict controls of a maximum of 10 people currently applies to indoor and outdoor gatherings which include:

  • Bowling greens;
  • Swimming pools (noting some close for winter)
  • Indoor and outdoor exercise and walking groups; and Hairdressers.

Aged Care Visitation Restrictions

In line with the State Government’s Visitors To Residential Aged Care Facilities Directions (No 2) we have extended restricted visitation arrangements for Juniper Residential Aged Care Facilities, effective from 30 April 2020. You can read more about our arrangements online at

Please note that failure to comply with the Directions may result in penalties for both individuals and Juniper.

Infection Prevention Activities

To help keep COVID-19 out of aged care, we have increased infection control activities for the whole organisation and visitation restrictions are in place at all our residential aged care facilities.

  • All employees have received additional infection control training
  • Increased vigilance and infection control for home and community care services
  • We ask all visitors to complete a COVID-19 screening checklist before entering our sites.