Engaging with others, exercise and activities are some of the best ways to maintain your friendships, wellbeing and outlook. So what better way to boost your day and enjoy the company of friends at one of our welcoming day therapy centres?

If you’re 55 and over, our centres bring you a wide range of services to enable wellness and vitality. We offer Podiatry, Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy  and more at two convenient metro locations, north and south of the river.

How we can help?

Our Day Therapy Centres offer a wide choice of services for individuals and family members including:

  • Friendly advice and information regarding your physical health and wellbeing
  • Plus your own assessment and treatment options
  • Prescription, fitting and adjustment of your mobility aids 
  • Group activities for weight loss and gentle fitness, hydrotherapy, balance groups and aerobics
  • Fun mini gyms for your personalised program.

Choose a program that’s right for you or talk to our team about how we may tailor our activities to suit.

Get started and join in

You don’t need a referral so it’s easy to get started at a Juniper Day Therapy Centre. Contact our service close to you to find out more:

Day Therapy, Bentley
The Boulevard, Rowethorpe
6363 6324

Day Therapy, Juniper Chrystal Halliday
27 Prisk Street, Karrinyup
6363 6248

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