About Residential Care

Residential Aged Care is a Juniper service for people who have exhausted all other care options. Juniper Residential Care is here to help and support people through the full continuum of care (from low to high care, and dementia specific services).

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Juniper Residential Care provides a caring and compassionate environment in all our residential aged care facilities.

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Services & Approach

What services are provided?

Foremost we provide quality clinical (nursing) care and personal care at all Juniper residential aged care facilities.

Residential aged care with Juniper also offers a range of therapeutic and activity programs following an assessment of your requirements.

Our accommodation includes comfortable rooms and services such as meals, cleaning, laundry and more.

We strive positively to respond to you needs and we do this thanks to our dedicated, friendly and trained staff.

We work to deliver the highest level of care and support so you can live life on your own terms.

What is Juniper's Approach?

We understand residential aged care is a big step, so we take a personalised approach to respond to your needs. We take the time to talk with you and discuss your requirements so we can ensure you will comfortably make this new space your home.

Integral to our philosophy and model of care is the recognition of the vital relationship between the resident, Juniper staff and volunteers.

We do this by adopting a person-centred approach in all our activities. We develop programs, packages and policies that reflects this with a positive emphasis on our residents.

Other key approaches include:

  • Development of family and volunteer education and awareness
  • Development of care plans that emphasise wellbeing
  • Evaluation of care delivery effectiveness
  • Establishment of industry benchmarks in collaboration with stakeholders
  • Monitoring and ensuring best practices
  • Training, educating and encouraging staff to follow best practices
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